Scene 1: Montag Meets Clarisse

The first scene is where Montag first meets Clarisse, his odd neighbor. Clarisse makes him think in different ways he is used to thinking. She asked him things that he should know, but doesn't know, and stuff he doesn't know, but somehow still knows.

Scene 2: Intro to Mildred

The second scene is where Montag goes back home only to find that Mildred had been overdosed on her pills. Some men and strangers come in and help her and Montag doesn't even know who those people are. Montag starts to think if he is really happy, if Mildred had died, would he have been sad?

Scene 3: Old Lady Burnt Herself.

He gets an alert to brun a house and some books as usual, but the old lady that owned them had burned herself alive with the books. She had the option to live on, but she chose to die with her books. This event had made Montag go mad, and take one of her books home with him. 

Scene 4: Intro to Faber

Montag gets more and more thinking done, and decides the only one that can help him is a professor he had talked to last year in a park. Faber, the professor, explains to Montag some key points in the books, and persuades him to damage the f

Scene:Montag vs Beatty

Beatty shows up at Montag's house, and Montag is getting really anxious and really worried because Montag still has a book in the house, and Beatty is lecturing him and saying that he has seen many firemen go through this phase.

Scene 6: Montag vs Beatty

Montag had been tricked to burn down his own house by Captain Beatty. Captain and Montag start talking about how Captain knew from the start that Montag was going to crack one day, and that he was used to find Faber. Montag shot Beatty with the flamethrower and Montag runs away a fugitive.

Scene 7: Montag Runs, and Faber Flys

Faber leaves to St. Louis but not without telling Montag to meet up with some secret scholars that are hiding. Faber leaves, and Montag runs and runs, while the Mechanical Hound can not find him, and kills an unexpecting stranger.

Scene 8: Final Scene

Montag meets up with Granger and other scholars and talks to Montag about what the world will end like unless Montag helps them to try to change the world back to the way it was. To Prevent The Future, not to Change it.