My name is Montag Guy. Right now, I am not existing as Montag, but am existing. Over my life, I have done many things, but have not done anything. I did not take a lot of things in my early life, as I look to forward to things and when making those actions, I did not see the deeper meaning. My life is pretty simple as I only have one option in life right now. My life had only one life changing event, and that was the one day I met this one girl, this one girl, who changed the entire "world". I like the modern technology, but I appreciate the simple stuff such as an apple, a pear, and a glass of milk. My code name is Book of Ecclesietes. This was one the first books I have ever read. I am an ex-firemen and have burnt countless books and was one of the best. I have seen the world's dark side, as well as it's bright sides.


My name is Clarrise. I amnot afraid to admit that I am different. I am the same as you, only I am what I am. I take the simple things in life and think about the endless possibilites with them. I know a very spiffy trick. If you rub dandelions under your chin, if they stick, your in love, if they don't you don't love anybody. I am different. I stop to smell the roses, I taste the rain, I put my pants on both legs at the same time. I cross my thumbs differently everyday, I blow on the dandelions, I eat with my left hand even though I'm right handed. In my life, I have not the best life, but I plan to change that with other people.

Captain Beatty

Good day, my name is Captain Beatty but you can just call me captain. Right now, Im sitting down on a poker table. My employees have all went home, but the thing is, this one in particular has me remembering very specific things. More specific, facts. He has me remembering the most crucial but not needed information inside my brain. I do not know, but my life is coming to an end. I have seen and felt many things in my life, but for some peculiar reason, I am done. Is it the fact that my time is done, that I have nothing to pass on, regardless of the information I have, but I still choose not to pass it on? I am a coward. Sigh, I do not know if it is the best to keep on thinking like this. I am a father to these firemen, I stand for everyone's justice, and I will not favor. I would rather be burned just like a book, waiting for someone to read me, even though my cover may fool them.


Sigh, my name is really Faber. I am an ex professor. I am proud to read books. My life has been simple. To exploit the truth. I am not like Clarisse for I do not "live life", Montag for I do know what to do when life gets hard, but if I have to say, I am more like Captain Beatty, because I stand for my personal "justice". I do hide, for I fight "another day". I think about the choices that I make, and still think about them to this very day. I have not forgotten the struggles I had to endure in order to help even the smallest amount of people. I do think that books cause plenty of controversies, but opinion causes change, which is what is always neccesary.


Ugh, my name is Mildred. I am going to make this short, the family has this one house special on tonight, and I do not want to miss the entrance. Let's see. I can say that I met my "love" in a small theatre in Chicago long ago, what a great movie, and an absolute perfect sequel to "Friends". I do not have many hobbies, interests, but the daily neccessities and the TV of course. My greatest life changing event was meeting an odd man in Chicago a long time ago. I like things simple, nothing to bother me, so get up, eat, watch TV, watch another show, watch more Tv, take some sleeping pills, and then go to sleep.


G'day mate, my name is Granger. Yes, like the cat, but that's beside the point. I have one and only one purpose in life. To bring change into this God forsaken world. I am a very smart person, I have worked very hard, sacrificed to go the one place everyone dreams of going, and some even died trying, Harvard University. My dreams, however, turned into a nightmare when technology was given to everyone in the world. The day that books were illegal is when I died, and was reborn into someone that had no life, no dreams, no death, only a purpose. I love many things in life, but for now, it's preventing the future in those old terminator movies that people talked so much about.