The first website you should of course go to is the website that Ray Bradbury himself made by himself and some other close people. This website contains some autobio-paragraphs about Mr.Bradbury himself.

This should probably be the second website because the original domain is the most popular online resource, Wikipedia. This website is full of trustworthy facts, and very useful information inputted by online users around the world, all about Ray Bradbury himself.

This website shows a very easy to understand life story of Ray Bradbury from a 3rd person view, as the authors are Chris Jepsen and Richard Johnston. If you ever wanted to know the LIFE of this famous author than this website is really good to read and look and review at.

This website are personal quotes from Ray Bradbury. You can find different varieties from Faranheit 451, to other books, to his life quotes. This is a great website if you are the type of person who likes words of wisdom from a great author.

This website comes from a very reliable domain, Wikipedia. Since Faranheit 451 is a very symbolic book, this website helps explain some modern terms that it explains throughout the book.

This website are one of those online notes that have those really important quotes, sections, events, and etc throughout the book, and that has some certain qualities better than other similar sites. This site also briefly explains the things that are going more clearly than other sites.

Another simulation of Sparknotes, but this site is somewhat different. This site is especially made for students in school, studying a certain book or event. This site gives you analysis in a more specific manner than any other site of the book, Faranheit 451.

This website gives a "foreshadow" of the book Faranheit 451, and it also tells you reviews from many other people who have read the book, most likley from the Newspaper Companies.

This site is really helpful to those who are both learning about Faranheit 451, and those who are teaching Faranheit 451. So show this site to your English teacher, he would give you some extra credit. Some guides are included for both students and teachers.